We offer two entrepreneurship courses. One is in English medium and the other is in Sinhala (Grade 10 government syllabus).
These courses are designed to provide a local and global introduction to the process of turning an idea into a successful startup enterprise. There will be an emphasis on developing leadership and business skills which will empower students to use the necessary tools to make a difference within communities. These courses will be highly helpful for anyone having a little or no pre-existing entrepreneurial experience.

Main Objective:
The main objective of this course is to create service-oriented leaders for the Sri-Lankan economy.

English medium course syllabus
Sinhala medium course syllabus

These courses are self-paced and free for public.

Become a more successful entrepreneur by taking one of our online courses! Enroll in one of these courses and be informed and inspired by the lesson material. Happy learning!

English medium course:

Sinhala medium course: