Collaborative Split-PhD Program in e-Learning with Swedish Universities

Two candidates who started the split-PhD program at the beginning of NeLC project were continuing their studies while demonstrating their capability and contributing to e-Learning research and development. Both candidates had international publications and presentations.

  • Mrs. T. A. Weerasinghe continues to read for her PhD Programme at the University of Stockholm in “Critical Analysis of e-Learning Behaviors in e-Learning environment”. She completed her Licentiate level of her PhD program at Stockholm University.
  • Mr. T. M. H. A. Usoof continues his PhD in “Unsupervised e-Assessment” at the University of Umea.
  • Mr. Hiran Ekanayake, a probationary lecturer of UCSC, completed his MPhil in e-Learning during January 2009. He made a request for a split PhD program in e-Learning at the Sweden Universities. His co-supervisors were from Stockholm University and Skövde University and the title was “Automation of Learner Performance Detection and Mental Guidance in Affective Game-based Learning”.

List of their publications are given here.

  • Design of an Online Learning Environment for Distance Learning, Thushani A. Weerasinghe, R. Romberg, K. P. Hewgamage, International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, vol.6, no. 3. March 2009
  • Guidelines to Design Successful Online Learning Environments - Thushani A. Weerasinghe (e-Asia 2009)
  • Improving student learning through assessment for learning using social media and e-Learning 2.0 on a distance education degree programme in Sri Lanka, Hakim Usoof & Gihan Wickramanayake, ECER 2009, Vienna
  • Studying writing profiles with keystroke dynamicsusing fuzzy logic and statistics, Hakim Usoof, Eva Lindgren, Roshan Yapa & Nishantha Karunarathne, EARLI 2009, Amsterdam