Moodle Tamil Localization

Moodle Tamil Package - (ta_lk)

The Tamil translation of Moodle has been started under the PANdora project ( ) implemented by the UCSC with financial support from the Pan Asia Networking (PAN) Programme Initiative of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), under a grant to the Virtual University of Pakistan for the project, PANdora. Initially the localization has been completed for Moodle 1.8.

The localization work has been extended up to Moodle 2 under the NeLC project and at the moment we have further expanded our work to complete the localization for the Moodle documentation.

The latest language pack can be downloaded from here

The Tamil Localization Team (In no particular order)

* M. A. Kaleelur Rahuman
* S. L. Abdul Haleelm
* M.A.C Akmal Jahan
* N. M. Zeenath
* A.Shupothini
* B.Saranyah
* S.Jessica