PhD and MPhil programs in e-Learning

The development of human capacity is an important foundation to achieve the project objectives as well as to maintain the sustainability of e-Learning culture in all sectors of education.

NeLC project deals with (four) sectors of the education; Higher Education (HE), School Education (SE), Community Education (CE) and Professional Education (PE) [including specialized training]. Therefore, for postgraduate and research programs, more emphasis was given to identify e-Learning applications, methodologies and services in Higher Education, Secondary Education and Professional Education sectors.

Collaborative Split-PhD Program in e-Learning with Swedish Universities
Mini-split PhD/Mphil programs in e-Learning

Development of the Virtual Environment for the collaboration in the Split PhD and other postgraduate programs
Promoting e-Learning in postgraduate study programs, it was decided to continue the motto “e-Learning for e-Learning” as much as possible. Postgraduate VLE environment is now used to provide master courses for postgraduate studies and currently it has more than 400 students. This environment is used to deliver blended courses of MIT(e-Learning) stream and other postgraduate courses of UCSC. Postgraduate projects in e-Learning are also hosted in this LMS.