Introduction to Archaeology


Sri Lanka is a country which is extremely rich in natural as well as cultural heritage. Her inhabitants are more or less aware of this fact. However, the fact that archaeology being not taught in local schools and being a discipline with difficulty (for common people) in accessing reliable resources (such as study material) in order to gain knowledge, contributes to the lack of knowledge of the public regarding the identity, importance and cultural significance of the numerous monuments and artifacts lying throughout the island. This lack of awareness has caused crisis such as the destruction of cultural heritage. Hence, creating awareness in archaeology in those who are novice to the subject has almost become a necessity of the Nation.

This is a basic course in archaeology which would help create an awareness of archeology within
the novice learners.

Learning Outcomes
After the successful completion of this course, the students will be able to;

  • Describe the nature of archaeology
  • Explain basic concepts and methods in archaeology
  • Identify the multidisciplinary nature of archaeology
  • Relate space with time
  • Report how a natural landscape has converted to a cultural landscape
  • Choose appropriate dating methods for a given artifact, site or part of a site
  • Identify ways and means of gathering archaeological information
  • Identify cultural heritage
  • Discuss how the society could protect cultural heritage

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